How Simius Improves Firewall and VPN Security

A multitude of threats exist online. To prevent them requires the proper tools. To improve security of your smart home and business is important. Many individuals and businesses use firewalls VPNs, which serve to the first line of defense.  But there are methods to bypass these systems.

Know The Difference

Firewalls block undesired network traffic. Whereas Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) give secure access for users over the Internet. Both can consist of hardware and software, and it is common to see both in use.

On a side note, however, it is important for us to remember that not everything is as it seems. In particular, malicious and untrustworthy apps or websites will often pose as being secure, when in fact they are not. That said, it is important to use a trusted VPN service to access the internet or business work networks. But when you connect to such networks, even if you have a firewall in place on either end, a VPN is also still vulnerable. Knowing how to improve security of your digital systems is important

Threats Are Constantly Changing

When you telecommute, as many people often do these days, you are merging the home network with the place of business. What this means is, exposure of your work network to the vulnerabilities associated with your home network.

The bad guys don’t even need to hit your work network or its firewall. That’s the problem, since they only have to hit yours. Smart homes are full of risks in the form of Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. In general, there are a multitude of issues which the industry does its best to keep up with. Microsoft recently patched for a large batch of vulnerabilities and critical flaws. A cyber criminal need only notice your system out of date, by spying through a thermostat for example.

No Mercy For Vulnerabilities

Truth is, all cybersecurity products are hackable. VPNs and firewalls are of no exception. That is why you must maintain cyber vigilance with your smart home automation. Simius delivers a service which maintains your personal cyber security. This is how an average person can audit their digital footprints for weaknesses.

We all want to cover our tracks online. Others in particular need to do this. Smart home owners with connected IoT devices are susceptible. Constant vigilance is difficult to uphold, in a persistent landscape of cyber threats.

Security Requires Vigilance

VPNs are a hot new target. Password breaches are easily applied to a smart home breach. If someone can bypass a smart device, screen for your leaked credentials and passwords, they will be able to breach a VPN along any firewall sitting on the other end. Simply because they used your known passwords. This allows them to use more typical attack tools, to get inside the network and perform lateral movements.

That is where Simius will help. We provide password breach updates for you, personally. There is also penetration testing and vulnerability assessments that we perform. This will boost your personal cybersecurity and help you to shield from the latest threats.

Cyber attacks are on the rise. Without keeping a sharp edge on your defenses, there is always the risk of some form of failure or disaster. That is why you should do everything you can to improve security on all your devices. Using Simius will keep things in check. The amount of savings in the long run will save more than money. The emotional aspect is also very difficult to handle. But if you get ahead of the cyber criminals, it means beating them to the punch.

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In conclusion, we discussed how Simius is nothing alike normal anti-virus software. Instead, our solutions test your network to identify any vulnerabilities as well as active threats. Solutions are provided as well, for corrective action.

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Neil Okikiolu

Neil Okikiolu

Neil is a Computer Scientist, Roboticist, and the founder of Simius Technologies Inc.