Why Checking for a Password Breach is Important

Passwords for online internet accounts are about as common as keys to a lock. The exact same concept applies to virtual security. But just like keys, passwords can be stolen, copied, and thus used against anyone who doesn’t change them. One of the biggest problems is knowing when a password has been leaked. All it takes is a data leak to produce a password breach from any of the websites you use.

The bad guys will never stop trying to hack the virtual locks on secured credentials.
The bad guys never stop trying to hack the virtual locks on our secured credentials.

Check the Breach

Simius offers this service to you. We keep a database of leaked passwords and usernames, along with the associated website. Our tests inform you immediately if any one of your password accounts has been breached. While it is important to change passwords frequently, say at least every six months, its better to change them the moment they’ve been leaked. In that case, sooner the better.

Convenience and simplicity is core to our business model at Simius. We value your security as much as our own. Therefore, it is our responsibility to deliver valuable tools to help with personal cyber security. Only by adopting proper cyber hygiene can users of the internet remain safe.

Be vigilant with your cyber security.

Hackers Will Stop At Nothing

It is far too easy for cyber criminals to use password breaches as a way to bypass network security. Recently, over 8.4 billion passwords were leaked, in what is being called the largest breach in history. Luckily, we have acquired this list already so that our tests and scans can provide you with assurance for the check.

In other words, if you don’t change your passwords after they’ve been breached, you might as well be giving every cybercriminal the keys to the kingdom. But changing passwords is difficult. No one enjoys doing it because its inconvenient. Similar to changing a lock on a door, this becomes a nuisance. And understandably so.

It is our recommendation that you use a password manager. KeePass is one of the best, but it is also safe to use password managers which are built-in to various web browsers or mobile devices. These can be used for generating strong passwords of great length. They are extremely easy to change, and the passwords all become encrypted. You just have to remember one single password in order to access them all. This gives you one single master key for everything virtual. But never store them in a file that isn’t encrypted.

Don't leave any open holes for the cyber criminals to enter.
Don’t leave open holes for cyber criminals to enter.

Change the Game

There is no shortage of importance in changing breached passwords. Its not common to leave your doors unlocked at home. So why would anyone do the same with their digital presence? Again, it comes back to convenience. Simius will alert you when and how to take action. Perhaps the best part about using Simius is the automation of personal cyber security. With a password manager, it will also put you ahead of the ball. Timing is critical and reducing the period in which you are vulnerable to a password breach cannot be underestimated.

Note how password managers will either perform autofill or allow you to copy-and-paste the password directly into the login prompt. It doesn’t get any better than that. At least not yet. Also recall that using two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security that makes it even more difficult for you to have a breached password compromising an account.

Working together to keep our systems safe.
Working together is keeps our systems safe.

Taking Responsibility for Personal Cyber Security

Furthermore, the Colonial pipeline was breached using a password, which investigators suspect that cyber criminals obtained from a leak posted to the dark web. Whatever the case may be, proper password management and control is the first step to good cyber hygiene. Awareness is also critical, and so the services which Simius has to offer will shorten that gap to reduce the time of exposure. We equip our customers with advanced cyber security tools that are easy-to-use. Apart from checking if your passwords have been breached, Simius is using the hacker’s own dirty tricks against them, and at your convenience.

Bad things will happen when no one is looking in the right spot.
Bad things happen when no one is looking in the right spot.

Instead of waiting for hackers to breach your network using a leaked password or other means, consider subscribing to our automated services which can also be used on-demand. Online security is only achieved with your own cyber vigilance. Be safe out there, and know that Simius is going to bat for you as well. Let’s hit the ball out of the park, by treating each potential hack as such.

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To conclude, password breaches are very real. They happen all the time. It should be considered business as usual, to change passwords consistently and by using Simius it will help inform you immediately if any of your passwords are leaked. We check up on that for you.

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Neil Okikiolu

Neil Okikiolu

Neil is a Computer Scientist, Roboticist, and the founder of Simius Technologies Inc.