5 ways to secure your smart home from cyberattacks.

Everyone uses smart devices in their homes; we have smart cameras to prevent physical break-ins, but what do we have or do to prevent cyber break-ins. Here are some steps to take:

Step 1

Make sure you update your firmware regularly. It is important to have a regular maintenance period as to when this should be done. Not updating your firmware can get your devices compromised by hackers who can easily gain access to your smart homes.

Step 2

Check if you have the same default password on the router. Your router’s default name can also give out information that you don’t want to be made to the public. The hackers may even use small bits of data such as a device’s name to break into your network. 

Step 3

Use WPA2 encryption on your router. Keep your traffic and router protected with WPA2 encryption. Other encryption methods might not be as strong. Also, never allow your network to stay open without a password.

Step 4

Isolate smart equipment on a separate network. Restrict hackers from gaining access to all personal data all at once if systems are compromised. 

Step 5

This is the easiest way to secure your home from cyber attacks. Some of the steps above might seem bulky and technical to the average person. That is where Simius comes in. 

With Simius, all you need to secure your smart home and devices are in one click. Our advanced AI runs over 100 tests to assess threats and notify you as soon as they are perceived. 

Simius’ holistic monitoring allows us to discover any issues your smart home has before it is too late, without you having to keep constant track of traffic on your router. Not only that, but we also offer efficient and effective solutions to mitigate any breach.

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Neil Okikiolu

Neil Okikiolu

Neil is a Computer Scientist, Roboticist, and the founder of Simius Technologies Inc.