Some thoughts on the Future

Today we are going to slow down and talk about how Smart Devices and the future are intertwined.

What does Smart Device Security have to do with the future? An answer might be:

Smart homes are going offer increased convenience over traditional homes but at a cost of a gigantic network attack surface. Therefore if we can shrink the attack surface, smart home adoption rates will skyrocket and everyone will benefit!

And the speaker would be right. Partly. Increased smart technology adoption will be the immediate effect. But what about the ripple effects? The next in the chain of a series of events?

That is what I am here to talk about.

We (regular people) are entering the era of connected devices, the era of autonomous devices.

Now, we hear about smart home cameras that can do facial recognition but soon we will have autonomous lawn mowers, autonomous drone delivery etc.

And not just that, we accelerating towards a tipping point with AI and Mass Information. We will soon have real-time predictive powers, for instance:

I want to eat a meal from my favorite restaurant after work. And when I say after work, I mean as soon as I get home, the food arrives at my doorstep. Not a minute before nor a minute after.

Is this possible? Almost! With advances in data collection methods and better predictive algorithms, it is possible for multiple interconnected devices to co-operate and get your food to your door step the moment you get home.

The key word is interconnected:

  • Your smart car will have to connect with a service to give information about your traffic habits.
  • The restaurants smart devices (e.g cookers) will need to give up information about meal preparation times.
  • The delivery service will need to give up information about their traffic habits and delivery times.

That interconnection though introduces a great risk. When you open your doors to let things out, some dangerous things try to sneak in.

These devices will need to send information over various classes of networks which will be populated by bad actors.

Actors who destroy any and all value that the interconnection provides.

Which is why Simius exists. We first protect your home, then we protect everything that relates to your standard of living.

And when we accomplish that goal, we would have helped introduce an unparalleled standard of living that is currently a dream.

Thank you for reading.

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Neil Okikiolu

Neil Okikiolu

Neil is a Computer Scientist, Roboticist, and the founder of Simius Technologies Inc.