What is the Difference Between Simius and Normal Anti-Virus Software?

Traditional anti-virus and endpoint protection methods create a shield for your home. But they do not test whether those defenses are effective. This is where Simius will assist. We act in parallel to anti-virus. But Simius is not an anti-virus provider. Instead, we scan your systems for vulnerabilities. We also check for password breaches, and launch penetration tests, all to test your network security. In other words, our coverage offers solutions that anti-virus does not provide.

Know When Everything is Locked

If a digital doorway in your home is unlocked, Simius will find out and notify you. We advise you on how to keep it locked to stay secure, before a hacker can use it to sneak in and perform malicious things. While the antivirus inside your home will intercept malicious threats, some cyber attacks cannot be detected, especially if the antivirus software itself has vulnerabilities. And also if the hackers use methods to hide their tracks. Otherwise, auditing your own cyber security can become difficult. Simius allows you to use the same hacking tools to test your home or business network.

We also run these scans externally so there is no need to purchase any hardware. You also don’t need to install any internal software on your network. Simius is designed to simulate the cyberattack directly. Using ethical hacking tools and reporting the results. Everything we find is shown to you. It allows for your corrective action to resolve any issues. This is coming from an angle of empowering our customers.

Anti-Virus Offers No Guarantee

A number of vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered in popular anti-virus solutions. Simius does not have that problem. We operate externally. Our methods are designed from the outside-in. That means our services do not offer you with any internal points of risk. As such, our job is to validate your network security by putting it to the test.

There is plenty of research into the matter. Almost every anti-virus software can be exploited. So you must keep every edge sharp. No telling what lies on the other side. Cyber attacks often cripple businesses. Ransomware is on the run. Smart homes are of no exception. For example, its like forgetting your keys inside a vehicle or door. And it is best to do everything you can, in preparation. Having a backup plan can make all the difference. But prevention is what will set you apart from the rest.

Preparing For Anti-Virus Failure

Prevention will go a long way without even needing a cure. Simius offers a unique solution to network security testing. Anything will go wrong with enough time. But if you buffer yourself with validation, it gives you the upper hand. There will be less doubt and more peace of mind.

Enterprises and large scale businesses use security testing and auditing. It provides a level of assurance. This is a major industry standard. Determining if your systems are in fact secure is important. Smart home owners now have access to similar methods, since this reduces risk. IoT devices are susceptible to many areas of danger, and Simius is designed to bridge that gap.

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In conclusion, we discussed how Simius is nothing alike normal anti-virus software. Instead, our solutions test your network to identify any vulnerabilities as well as active threats. Solutions are provided as well, for corrective action.

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Neil Okikiolu

Neil Okikiolu

Neil is a Computer Scientist, Roboticist, and the founder of Simius Technologies Inc.