Top Ten CyberSecurity Influencers You Should Know

1. Alain Regnier

Alain Regnier is a French entrepreneur that has spent over a decade working for established tech companies and startups in Silicon Valley. He co-wrote several Connected Devices and Web Service standards. He runs Alto Labs, an R&D, and Prototyping lab, out of France. His 10+ years in Silicon Valley put him at the doorstep of new technology and he continues to tweet about what he sees at tech conferences and on the web. He founded Alto Labs, a company that provides consulting services, an Idea Laboratory, and research and development for high tech products. Alto Labs has the distinction of being France’s Google Glass specialist that works with varying connected devices.

Regnier and Alto Labs are in the center of what’s happening with smart homes and IoT devices around the globe. He co-founded Google Developer Group (GDG) Paris and GDG Cloud Paris.

Active channels: (His webiste) (Twitter) (LinkedIn)

2. Graham Cluley

Graham Cluley is a British security blogger and the author of, a daily blog on the latest computer security news, opinion, and advice. A well-known, award-winning blogger, researcher, speaker, and podcaster, who was initiated into the Info security Europe Hall of Fame. Cluley founded the Naked Security blog and held senior roles at Sophos and McAfee.

Active channels: Cluley is active on (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (his website)

3. Dean Anthony Gratton

Dr. Dean Anthony Gratton is a technology influencer, analyst, and futurist. He is a columnist for Technically Speaking where he dispels the rumors, gossip, and hype surrounding new technology. He is a passionate thought leader in his field with a social reach of over 2.5M. This technology futurist has been a leader in the field, leading the charge for clearing up tech hype in favor of facts and authoritative information. Dean Anthony Gratton is a software engineer and works as a columnist and influencer. He has created prototypes and products for the IoT, smart homes, and smart cities. His tweets and social media posts cover a range of tech topics ranging from Big Data’s capability to predict the future to breaking tech news and more.

Active channels: (His website) (Twitter) (LinkedIn)

4. Brian Krebs

Brian Krebs is an American journalist and investigative reporter. He is best known for his coverage of profit-seeking cybercriminals. His interest grew after a computer worm locked him out of his computer in 2001. Krebs is the author of a daily blog,, covering computer security and cybercrime. A former Washington Post journalist, Krebs writes about cybercrime as an independent investigative journalist, which is probably as cool as it gets.

Active channels: (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (his website)

5. Bill Brenner

Bill Brenner is the currently the Director of Research and infosec content strategist. Formerly Senior Writer/Strategist at Sophos, Senior Tech writer for Akamai’s technology’s security and Intelligence Research Team and Managing Editor for and Senior writer for search Brenner has seven years of experience in the information security industry, a journalist with over 26 years experience .

Active channels: (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (his website)

6. Daniel Miessler

Daniel Miessler is director of advisory services with IOActive and is based out of San Francisco. He has over 17 years of experience in information security, and specializes in application security with a specific focus in web and application assessments, and helping enterprise customers build effective application security programs.

Miessler’s cyber experience spans over two decades and includes technical assessments and executive advisory.

Active channels: (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (his website)

7. Eugene Kaspersky

Russian cybersecurity expert and the CEO of Kaspersky Lab, an IT security company with 4,000 employees. He cofounded Kaspersky Lab in 1997 and helped identify instances of government-sponsored cyberwarfare as the head of research.

Kaspersky has been living and breathing computer security for a quarter of a century and is a key figure in the good fight against malware.

Active channels: (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (his website)

8. Kevin Mitnick

American computer security consultant and author. He sits on the board on various Fortune 500 companies.

Active channels: (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (his website)

9. Dr. Magda Chelly

She is leading the cyber business for an international Fortune 500 insurance-broking firm in Asia.

Dr. Magda is an activist for women in security. She founded Women of Security Chapter (WoSEC) in Singapore. WoSEC supports female professionals in cybersecurity. She is a member of the Advisory Board for the Executive Summit Black Hat Asia. She co-founded Responsible Cyber Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based start-up with NUS Enterprise, the entrepreneurial arm of the National University of Singapore, and Singtel Innov8, the venture capital arm of the Singtel Group, as its shareholders. The company has been valued at 7 Million SGD in May 2020.Dr. Chelly defines herself as a Cyber-Feminist!

Active channels: (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (her website)

10. Christopher Mims

Christopher has his fingers on the pulse of it all. If you want the latest news on all things internet related, Mims is the Man , his mastery of pen and tech have led to features in publications like Technology Review, Wired, and the Atlantic.

Active channels: (Twitter), (LinkedIn), (His website)

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